Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Groundhog Says More TV!

Groundhog Day has come and gone, whether you paid no attention to Punxsutawney Phil or celebrated with a classic Bill Murray film odds are you’ve heard the results from February 2nd.  The shadow was out, which according to the folklore means we are in store for another six weeks of winter weather.
Before you get too upset it is important to remember the backyard BBQs and road trips are still in the near future, you just now have an excuse to stay indoors and enjoy movies, or catch up on returning hit shows such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or the new prequel to Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul.

Since you’ll be indoors enjoying movie magic, there’s no better time to upgrade your home theater equipment.  Over the past few years TVs have added a ton of features and feature a brighter and higher resolution than ever before.  Digital media receivers such as Smart TV Upgraders or Roku let you enter in the wonderful world of streaming for a low cost.
Once you are set on your set and streaming services you should always consider upgrading your audio.  If you’re using the speakers in your TV, you are missing out.  No TV set has audio that can come anywhere close to the quality of audio a soundbar or home theater system offers.  A good audio system is much like upgrading from black & white to color television.

Fortunately, those who need help deciding how to upgrade their home systems, the professionals at Doctor Sound Home Theater, Inc. make it easy and stress-free.  Give them a call at (972) 317-6525 or visit http://www.DrSoundinc.com today!