Thursday, January 19, 2017

Watch the Super Bowl in Luxury

Everyone has heard of the Man Cave, but why should you limit yourself to the backroom or basement to view the big game? 

There are many reasons, but the most important reason the “Man Cave” is relegated to the backroom is because of obtrusive or obnoxious equipment that would make any wife cringe!  However, Doctor Sound, North Texas Leader in creating Smart Homes can make any marriage happy by completely satisfying both parties.  That’s right, Doctor Sound can save your marriage, even during football season! 

First, projection is the ideal way to watch any sport (or the latest action packed thriller) and it won’t require a dedicated media room.  Doctor Sound can install screen innovations, fixed and motorized in ceiling screens that can be viewed anywhere in the home.  With Zero-G® technology, you can drop your screen in front of a bay of windows, or an art-deco wall where a flat-panel television could never have been placed. Your orientation is now dictated by your room, not your TV!  Think Rollable Television®. When watching the game or your favorite movie, Zero-G drops out of the case and expands at a preset location giving you a “levitating” image, suspended by cables.

Never before has it been easier to turn any room in your house into an instant entertainment venue.  Imagine a Sony 85-100-inch large screen TV with 4K resolution sounded by Origin Acoustics in-wall, or in-ceiling pivoting speakers putting you in the middle of the action.

Serving the Lantana, Flower Mound, Argyle, Southlake, Grapevine, Northlake, and Roanoke area for more than 25 years. The secret to their proven success is that Doctor Sound continues to offer only the highest quality product manufacturers, delivering to his customers a wide range of reliable, future-proof quality equipment choices. His passion to serve his clients, coupled with his Christian integrity provides an honest and straightforward environment, naturally creating repeat customers.

Call Doctor Sound at 972.317.6525 or visit the website at for your free consultation in creating the Smart Home of your dreams.  *Not responsible for reduction of family therapy sessions and decline of counseling industry.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Get the Hottest Gifts at Doctor Sound Smart Homes

Tis the season for gift giving and many are scrambling to find that perfect gift for everyone on their list.  Fortunately, your shopping experience can be simplified by visiting Doctor Sound Smart Homes to get all the hottest technology gifts in one stop.  This article will highlight just a few of the hottest gifts for the techies in your life.

Signal boosters are the gift that keeps on giving by allowing you to stay in touch with your loved ones, even if they live in remote or hard-to-reach areas that result in weak cell phone signals.  Cell phones are integral to all of our lives now and it can be a frustrating experience to live in an area with poor reception.  Signal boosters are bidirectional amplifiers that boost service providing clearer reception.  There are many different causes of weak reception, from the use of certain building materials to the location of an area in relation to the closest cell phone tower. Thankfully, powerful, modern signal boosters can detect a signal too weak for the typical phone to catch and greatly amplify it, to provide service to one or more cellular phones without issue.  Signal boosters are available for the home, vehicle, and even individual cell phones.  With higher numbers of people abandoning their landlines every year in favor of cellular phones, the popularity of signal boosters is likely to continue to increase for quite some time. Cell phones seem posed to all but replace landline options in the very near future.

Home Automation is all the rage right now and make for perfect gifts that won’t break the bank.  Devices such as Amazon Alexa, Smart Lights, Learning Thermostats, and more can help you get started with a smarter home.  We are all busy and home automation can help make things a bit easier by saving you time and money.  A fully integrated system allows many daily home activities to be fully automated.  Doctor Sound can help guide you from concept to demonstration with wireless devices that can manage your audio and video equipment, climate control, lighting fixtures, shades, security systems, irrigation, home appliances, and more!

Home theater is at the center of most techies life making for the ultimate gifting opportunity.  Even the best theater systems will fall short without the correct sound system.  Bluetooth Wifi audio receivers are very hot right now and are proven to create just the perfect mix of sound and base to any theater, creating lasting impressions, all without the hassle of wiring.  Receivers such as the Denon AVR x3300w deliver a new world of immersive sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround decoding.  Additionally they feature wireless streaming allowing you to enjoy a world of audio from popular music services such as Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify Connect, as well as thousands of internet radio stations with high resolution lossless audio file formats.  You can easily configure the AVR-X3300W for multi-room listening by hooking up a second pair of speakers to 2 of the amp channels, which lets you enjoy 5.1/5.2 channel surround sound in the main room while others enjoy stereo sound from a different source in another room in the home. You can also connect a second TV to the multi-room HDMI output and watch and listen to a different source at the same time.
All types of technology, Doctor Sound Smart Homes has a wide-selection to fill any gifting needs and budget!  They also make house calls allowing you to skip the lines and the traffic, spending less time shopping and more time enjoying the holidays.  Schedule an appointment online at or call to speak with an expert now at 972.317.6525.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Creating the Perfect Home for You

Imagine a home where you can walk in and instantly react to your every desire.  That’s right, the TV turns on to the channel you want to watch, the gentle sound of your favorite song is on in the background and the temperature is cooled or heated to your liking. 

Doctor Sound can create the perfect living environment for you with the latest in technology whether you are in or outdoors.  In addition, you will also have the comfort of vacationing knowing that your house is completely protected with surveillance, security and controlled lighting options.
The North Texas family owned home entertainment company has been around for more than 20 years making homes and businesses smarter.  They give a free 60 day operation guarantee promising their customers the ability to operate their new systems.

Doctor Sound can install the latest innovations such as Amazon Alexa trending voice activated smart home, A to Z wave enable DIY automation product that they will be able to integrate lighting, locks, security, audio video and more making your home the most technological advance on the block.

Doctor Sound Home Theater is Dallas and Ft. Worth’s trusted company specializing in custom home electronics including home theaters, whole house audio/video, lighting controls systems, theater seating & window coverings.  Their elegant design, effortless operation and excellent service will allow any homeowner to be able to create an indoor or outdoor paradise sure to impress friends and family.

All it takes is imagination, and if you don’t have that; Doctor Sound will provide you with great entertainment ideas and consulting custom to your every desire and budget.  For more information visit or give the professionals a call at 972-317-6525 today and bring in the New Year with an unforgettable start!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Doctor Sound – A Synonym for Technology

From design to demonstration, Doctor Sound makes the entire process of electronic home advances easy, exciting, and fun.  In order to stay ahead of the curve and up-to-date with all of the latest innovations, Doctor Sound attends seminars and trade shows identifying the latest in technology and applying the state-of-art concepts to customers’ Home Living.

Recently, from September 13-17th, Doctor Sound and its team members joined the brightest in the industry at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, Texas.  The energized showcase of big thinking that included over 500 exhibitors, 115 CEDIA training sessions, 13 CEDIA Talks, 6 free CEDIA Panel Sessions, and several events that provided attendees an opportunity to think big for the future of their business.
"CEDIA provides the ideal launch pad and audience for residential technologies and we are simply thrilled to be part of this dynamic organization. If we hadn't launched Phantom HALR at CEDIA, we wouldn't have gotten the insightful and extremely beneficial feedback we did that will help shape our future product developments. Based on the overwhelming success of this year's show, we're already planning BIG things for CEDIA 2017 in San Diego," said Shannon Townley, CEO of Stewart Filmscreen.

Doctor Sound had hands-on interaction with the latest innovations such as Amazon Alexa trending voice activated smart home, A to Z wave enable DIY automation product that they will be able to integrate lighting, locks, security, audio video and more making your home the most technological advance on the block.

"The passion and energy in our industry has never been more evident. I would like to thank all our exhibitors, attendees, volunteers and staff for another successful year in Dallas." said Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO.

Doctor Sound and his team maintain the trade’s cutting-edge certification, provided by product manufacturers and industry associations such as CEDIA, the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. Retaining the most current education available is in both Doctor Sound and its clients’ best interest. They embrace the fast pace of the industry and enjoys being in the position to help others make sense of it all. Whether you need a custom audio system, home theater installation or want to learn more about home automation, call Doctor Sound at 972-317-6525, to schedule a free on-site consultation.

Friday, July 15, 2016

DVR Special: 30% Off DVRs with Purchase of Cameras at Doctor Sound Smart Homes

Right now at Doctor Sound Smart Homes, take advantage of great savings while protecting your home or business with camera & surveillance systems.  Now you can get 30% off of DVRs when you purchase cameras!

Protect what matters most with a fully integrated, residential or commercial security system. With advances in technology and the knowledge of Doctor Sound, installation is more affordable than most realize, providing the ability to keep tabs on your residence or commercial property remotely via your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Doctor Sound can help you defend against home invasions, car break-ins, even the frustrating theft of packages left on the front porch. It’s true, thieves are watching and waiting for an opportunity to make a move. Let them see you will not take their trespassing lightly. With reliable automation you will be able to access video cameras and record movement, allow access to those individuals only you approve, receive notification in the event of an attempted break-in, or adjust environmental and lighting settings as needed, all through you device.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your family and your belongings are safer and you are no longer helpless to take action remotely with automated security features such as Access Systems, Door and Window Security, Intercom & Lighting Systems, Motion Sensors, and Cameras & Surveillance Equipment!