Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Keep Your Home and Electronics Safe While you Travel

All of us have heard the saying, “while the cat is away...the mice will play”.  It also could mean that, “While the homeowners are away...the thief's will stay”.

When you and yours travel during the holidays or vacations, you don't want to worry about how safe your house and belongings are back home.  You really want that peace of mind so everyone can enjoy the experience.  Here are some of the best security tips:

  • Cancel your newspaper and mail for the time you will be gone.  But still inform your neighbor to watch for newspapers in the driveway and double check the mail box and keep any until you return.
  • Inform the police that you will be gone and they are happy to pay attention to your home.
  • Great idea to give the impression that someone is home.  Get a timer for certain lights and for the radio to be on during the day and early evening.
  • Motion-sensitive lights are great for the outside, even when you are home.
  • It is a good idea to keep your bushes out front trimmed, so that a thief can't hide in overgrown shrubs.
  • Make the home look like you are there.  For example, keep the blinds and curtains up along with number 3.
  • Don't leave expensive computers or collectibles in easy viewing sight.
  • Double check all your door locks and window latches.
  • Try not to advertise over Social Media that you are going to be away.  Lots of eyes are out there. 
  • Unplug computers, TV's and other appliances to protect them from a possible power surge.  Check smoke detectors to see if they are in working order so at least your neighbor can hear them.
  • If you have an Alarm Company, make sure they have your cell phone numbers and inform them you will be gone for x number of days.
  • Lastly, give your trusted neighbor a key so they can water your plants and check your home out every couple of days.  Then bring them a nice “Thank You” gift that you know they will enjoy.

Have a safe trip and keep your thoughts on the road instead of worrying about what is happening back at your homestead.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Improve your Cellphone Signal at your House

All too often you are on the phone with a loved one, taking an important business call, or even sharing great memories with an old friend when suddenly the most popular phrase a cellphone user will utter, “Can you hear me now?”

That’s right!  Your call was dropped.  Technology is great, and the utilization of cellphones has eliminated the need for the landline in your house.  Cellphones have given us the freedom to conduct conversations and stay in touch with the world while we are visiting the Grand Canyon, fishing on our boats, and traveling the dark roads in remote areas.  You would think making a simple call while you are at your house would be a task the cell towers could handle.

It doesn’t matter that we live in the metroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth areas.  As a matter of fact, a recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life project found that 72% of Americans experience some form of dropped calls, and 32% experience dropped calls at least a few times per week or more.  It is a major problem for a large number of people, and although carriers are continuing to add towers and expand coverage areas, this is a problem that will not go away anytime soon.

Doctor Sound Home Theater prides itself on providing its customers the most enjoyable home living experience specializing in customer home electronics including home theaters, whole house audio/video, lighting controls system, theater seating & window coverings.  They also understand the importance of being able to utilize the most advanced technology available making home owners dreams a realty.  This includes the use of cell phones.  That is why many customers are turning to Doctor Sound Home Theater to provide weBoost which will help stop dropped calls, improve call quality, and allow users to browse and stream faster.

weBoost, will get cell and data signals up to 32 times stronger and allow users to enjoy more bars in your home.  weBoost provides a powerful antenna which will reach out to access a voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE data signal delivering it to the booster.  The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower.  Your devices get a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network giving you an enjoyable experience thus permanently solving bad reception inside your home.  weBoost also makes for the perfect Father’s Day gift!  With Father’s Day quickly approaching this weekend, you can schedule to have weBoost installed by contacting Doctor Sound today!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Outdoor Fun and Entertainment

 The weather is starting to warmup and outdoor entertainment will be a must.  As spring is upon us, and the pools are being serviced and cleaned; the right outdoor sound systems and setups will make any entertainment a time to remember.

Doctor Sound Home Theater is Dallas and Ft. Worth’s trusted company specializing in custom home electronics including home theaters, whole house audio/video, lighting controls systems, theater seating & window coverings.  Their elegant design, effortless operation and excellent service will allow any homeowner to be able to create an outdoor paradise sure to impress friends and family.

A pool area or patio is a place of great fun and entertainment. Whether you’re having friends over or just relaxing on a warm summer day, there is something special about being outdoors and enjoying the simple things. However, you can take your outdoor entertainment to the next level with a variety of options from Doctor Sound such as outdoor speakers which blend into the environment or even an entire outdoor theater set-up!

Bring music to a new area with outdoor speakers, sound is something that moves everyone and music makes any party greater. Whether you want to have a booming audio outdoor set-up or some gentle background noise, Doctor Sound is guaranteed to have the set-up to fit your needs.

All it takes is imagination, and if you don’t have that; Doctor Sound will provide you with great outdoor entertainment ideas and consulting custom to your every desire and budget.  For more information visit http://www.drsoundinc.com or give the professionals a call at 972-317-6525 today and get your spring off to an unforgettable start!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring in your Home Theater’s Step

Friday is officially the first day of spring and many of us are excited to put the cold weather behind us, exchange those coats for aprons and backyard BBQ’s by the pool.  Thankfully, Doctor Sound is here to help you take your backyard parties to the next level!

A pool area or patio is a place of great fun and entertainment.  Whether you’re having friends over or just relaxing on a warm summer day, there is something special about being outdoors and enjoying the simple things.  However, you can take your outdoor entertainment to the next level with a variety of options from Doctor Sound such as outdoor speakers or even an entire outdoor theater set-up!

Bring music to a new area with outdoor speakers, sound is something that moves everyone and music makes any party greater.  Whether you want to have a booming audio outdoor set-up or some gentle background noise, Doctor Sound is guaranteed to have the set-up to fit your needs.

Doctor Sound can even help you get your backyard set-up for outdoor movie viewings with an outdoor TV or projector!  Using the most advanced technology available, your outdoor events and evenings can easily be the talk of your neighborhood! Or you can even opt for a simple set-up and have a screen right next to the grill so you don’t miss a minute of the game!

For more information visit http://www.drsoundinc.com or give the professionals a call at 972-317-6525 today and get your spring off to an unforgettable start!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Home Theater 101: A Buyers Guide

A home theater is a dedicated space in which to enjoy audio and video. From there, the definition becomes far more personal, so to help you make the right choices, you need to ask three questions:

1. What do you want?

What are you planning to watch in your home theater? "Lost?" Sports programs? The latest feature films? And do you intend to watch any of the above in standard quality (the easier, more affordable choice) or in high-definition, which delivers sharper pictures and enhanced sound?

Either way, you will need a display (a standard or high-definition television); a source component (such as a DVD player, Blu-ray player, or digital video recorder, such as TiVo); and a sound system (which can include an audio/video receiver connected to multiple loudspeakers). Once you figure out what precisely you intend to achieve in your home theater, you're ready to do inventory.

2. What do you have?

Let's assume that at the very least you have a sufficiently large TV, and you are pleased with its performance. Thanks to the triumph of DVD in the late '90s, the home-theater-in-a-box or "HTiB" category of products has evolved quickly to become a viable alternative to individually purchased audio-visual elements, for a painless "Just Add TV" approach.

A complete HTiB bundle arrives with a DVD receiver unit, featuring the necessary sound decoding/amplification combined with the DVD player inside a single chassis, along with five loudspeakers for left and right front, left and right surround/rear, a dedicated center channel plus a subwoofer, along with all the necessary cabling. These "5.1 channels" work together to recreate a true theater-style sound experience in the home, only on a smaller scale. Audio-only HTiB solutions are also available, without DVD, and almost all HTiBs offer inputs for connecting multiple source components.

If you already have speakers, how many? Dolby Digital is the audio standard for DVD, requiring the five speakers plus subwoofer to properly reproduce the soundtracks of most modern films. If you already have two speakers, it isn't necessarily as easy as adding three more. Dolby Digital requires full-range speakers - that is the ability to reproduce the highs, lows, and midrange of all five channels. The best surround speakers also dissipate the sound for a more realistic rear soundstage. Under normal use the front speakers handle most of the load, so you will need robust left and right mains, plus a center channel with exceptional clarity (for dialog). Centers are ideally horizontal and tend to be placed directly above or below the screen.

What is currently driving your speakers? If you own a receiver, is it stereo (two-channel) or multi-channel? And does it offer the latest audio decoding formats? The soundtrack data on the disc needs to be decoded, and that decoded signal must then to be amplified for your speakers. In addition to Dolby Digital, does it offer DTS, the outstanding rival multi-channel format? And how much power is at your sound system's disposal? Your sound system (the receiver/amplifier plus the subwoofer, if it's self-powered) should be capable of delivering at least 450 watts total system power for a small-to-medium-size room.

If you are in the market for a new TV as well, keep in mind that American television is changing over from analog to digital, and in less than a year ATSC will officially be the new standard. So make sure that your new TV contains an ATSC digital tuner. All new HDTVs have it, so savvy consumers will make the extra investment and stave off obsolescence by making their next purchase an HDTV. You'll gain widescreen display, best for movies and an increasing number of television shows (the black bars you see on the top and bottom of many programs will go away) as well as outstanding picture quality and the latest inputs.

Size matters in more ways than one, as you need the right size screen for your room. The popular 42-inch widescreen TV, for example, has an ideal viewing distance of about 5 to 10 feet. Any closer will reveal imperfections in the image, while too far minimizes the impact. About 1½ times the diagonal measure of the screen is the minimum distance for the viewer, and three times is the maximum. So measure not just the space in your shelving unit but also the layout of your room before you begin shopping.

If your current television is several years old, your DVDs will probably look significantly better on most new TVs. Look for progressive scan and component video input, just make sure that whichever DVD player you use - traditional or as part of an HTiB - offers progressive scan component video output. DVD is not true high definition however, so if you plan to rent or purchase movies on disc, Blu-ray is the way to go. A Blu-ray deck will not only play Blu-ray high-definition movies but will make your current DVD library look better than ever.

3. How much can you spend?

What you get is largely determined by what you can afford to pay. In the world of displays, more money nets you a larger screen size and the latest technology, all the way up to 1080p, the highest-available resolution on consumer monitors. One point not to be compromised on is HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) input, the gold standard for connectivity, which assures the transfer of full-quality HD video and multi-channel audio from the latest source components.

As little as $500 can buy a respectable HTiB, designed around standard-definition DVD. If you insist upon buying a new standalone DVD player, don't spend more than $100: That price will bring you outstanding features and performance at this point in the product's life cycle, and you won't feel badly when you inevitably upgrade to Blu-ray.

Performance is the key factor when purchasing loudspeakers, as you will simply want the best sound that you can afford, as defined by the "performance envelope" of frequency and dynamic range. A speaker's ability to reproduce lower bass (even in addition to a dedicated subwoofer) and higher trebles is critical, along with the range across which it can enjoyably reproduce soft to loud audio.

Proper demos can be difficult to find at retail, so it's wise to find out if you will be able to audition the speakers at home and return them if necessary.

Of course, your speakers need to be a good match for your amplifier/receiver, and not too piggish in their power demands, noting their nominal impedance rating. Speakers with 8-ohm impedance are extremely common, and lower ratings will mean the speaker is drawing more electrical power. More discerning listeners lean toward separates, that is a dedicated decoder/preamplifier box that then passes the prepared signal to an outboard amplifier, vs. a single, integrated audio/video receiver. The performance of receivers - which can function as control centers and switchers for all of your home theater gear, with HDMI ins/out - now approach the level of separates, while their value and versatility can't be beat. Recent receivers also support the most sophisticated audio formats available on Blu-ray, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Do your research, don't skimp, and be sure find a comfortable chair, because your audio/video system will bring you years of enjoyment.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Groundhog Says More TV!

Groundhog Day has come and gone, whether you paid no attention to Punxsutawney Phil or celebrated with a classic Bill Murray film odds are you’ve heard the results from February 2nd.  The shadow was out, which according to the folklore means we are in store for another six weeks of winter weather.
Before you get too upset it is important to remember the backyard BBQs and road trips are still in the near future, you just now have an excuse to stay indoors and enjoy movies, or catch up on returning hit shows such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or the new prequel to Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul.

Since you’ll be indoors enjoying movie magic, there’s no better time to upgrade your home theater equipment.  Over the past few years TVs have added a ton of features and feature a brighter and higher resolution than ever before.  Digital media receivers such as Smart TV Upgraders or Roku let you enter in the wonderful world of streaming for a low cost.
Once you are set on your set and streaming services you should always consider upgrading your audio.  If you’re using the speakers in your TV, you are missing out.  No TV set has audio that can come anywhere close to the quality of audio a soundbar or home theater system offers.  A good audio system is much like upgrading from black & white to color television.

Fortunately, those who need help deciding how to upgrade their home systems, the professionals at Doctor Sound Home Theater, Inc. make it easy and stress-free.  Give them a call at (972) 317-6525 or visit http://www.DrSoundinc.com today!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to prepare for a Super Bowl Party: 4 Steps

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year has been celebrated, it’s time to get ready for the next BIG American holiday, the Super Bowl!  The big game is less than a month away and will be played on February 2nd in Phoenix, Arizona.

Many people will be taking advantage of new electronics they received over the holidays to host a stellar Super Bowl party and show off those new flat-screens.  Here are a few tips to make sure your home theater is set up and ready to host the party of the century, courtesy of Doctor Sound Home Theater Inc.

1. Get a Good TV

If you didn’t update your home television over the holidays, now is the perfect time to do so.  It’s very important that everyone at your Super Bowl party has the ability to see the game.  While this may seem obvious, remember the average Super Bowl party has 17 people which can make viewing difficult.  Have your TV sitting on a low entertainment center?  Now is the perfect time to get that wall-mount, the higher up it is in your room, the easier it is for large crowds to see.  Round it off with professional hidden wire services from Doctor Sound.  You may even consider bringing in a second TV somewhere in your house, just make sure they aren’t out of sync.  If one set is slightly ahead of the other because of a lag in your receiver, the people in the back room will hear everyone in the front cheering before the play is finished, a serious party foul.

2. Universal Remote

Hosting a party is the worst time to keep up with a dozen different remotes, now is the time to get a universal remote set up to control your television, sound system, and cable receiver all from one device.  No more lifting couch pillows trying to find the remote you need to rewind the game to catch a missed play.

3. Clear up Floor Space

You may consider rearranging your furniture to maximize viewing and give guests plenty of room to move around and cheer without the fear of bumping into something.  Bring in some pillows for floor sitters and temporarily relocate bookshelves, baskets, toys, pet beds, etc. that take up valuable floor space.

4. Clean the Equipment

You’ll definitely want to clean off your screen, just gently dust with a microfiber cloth or disposable duster, and use a pre-moistened electronics wipe to clear away any stubborn spots and smudges that can ruin a game.  If you have speakers, clean the covers with your vacuum’s soft dusting brush or upholstery tool.  If the speaker covers are removable, go over both sides and nab any obvious dust behind and around them.

Doctor Sound Home Theater Inc. is available for all of your Super Bowl party needs.  Optimize your experience with surround sound, wall mounted flat screen, and hidden wires, plus for the month of January get half price universal remote programming with purchase of TV wall mount and installation (must mention offer when scheduling, maximum of $125 discount).  For more information visit the professionals at Doctor Sound today by calling 972-317-6525 or online at http://www.DrSoundinc.com

Thursday, January 1, 2015