Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Theater Moments

Great (and Not-So-Great) Theater Moments in Tinseltown - Movie time has been in short supply at chez TJN recently. My home theater system is packed up for a pending long distance move. I’m down to a modest two-channel setup (Onkyo AVR, Revel Concerta M20 bookshelf speakers, no sub, flat screen HDTV) in my much smaller family room. (read more)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Go Green This Season

The green movement has become more and more popular, as countless consumers are making the decision to opt for more environmentally friendly products.  Everything from cars to electronics to the food we eat have “Green” options.  Conservation, protection, recycling and reusing are all a part of a vernacular that has become prevalent in living greener.  Going green with eco-friendly electronics is also one of the best ways to lower your ownership cost through huge savings on your energy bill.  Doctor Sound Home Theater Inc supports the conservation of energy and is offering a $50 credit on all eco electronics to customers who mention this article before scheduling installation from now until the end of November!

A carbon footprint is the measure of carbon dioxide emissions each person contributes to the atmosphere.  Any type of activity can result in a carbon emission, including driving, using electricity, and any actions that require the use of a fossil fuel.

Even the gadget obsessed can find ways to be a little greener, and by doing so receive the added benefit of utility savings!  A range of eco-friendly gadgets are available from the professionals at Doctor Sound Home Theater Inc, including energy conserving televisions, green speakers, and more!

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